Day 8: A Look In The Mirror

Day 8:  A Look In The Mirror
Each of us desires to understand love and have stronger relationships. We long for healthy marriages and Godly courtships, but still something seems to be missing. In a world where the relationships we seek seem to be fleeting, the good news is God wants to help! He has much to say about love and relationships.  
As you walk through the week here are a few thoughts to ponder as we move into our second week of prayer and fasting before the Lord:
1       As it relates to attraction, our culture has overemphasized the wrong things. We’ve placed physical attraction before all else. Think about the things we should be attracted to before the physical.
2       What it means to be spiritually attractive. What does it look like for a Godly man to be spiritually attractive? A Godly woman?
3       The strongest relationships are founded on a strong friendship. When Solomon spoke to his “darling,” it literally meant his “best friend.” What can you do to develop a friendship with your spouse or the person you’re dating before it goes further?
4       Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you how you can become more attractive. What can you do to gain spiritual attraction? What can you do to become more emotionally attractive?
5       Take time to clearly define Godly standards and boundaries. Think of practical ways you can use your words to become more emotionally attractive to your spouse.

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